Mission Statement
Matelong Prize is committed to using the power of writing to encourage children to learn and explore, write for the community and use this process to develop the people and the nation.
Vision Statement.
The Matelong Writers Prize allows children to experience the hands-on process of developing their own stories and illustrations, which builds language skills such as reading, grammar and syntax and encourages creativity.The Pillars of Matelong Writers Prize International represent a major milestone in the promotion of the reading and writing culture in Uganda and especially among the children from poor backgrounds.

We are looking for partners who will make contributions to support causes in support of some of the most vulnerable children in rural Ugandan schools so that they are able to achieve their academic dreams.

The role of partners in helping us meet our objectives is overwhelmingly important and thus, we continue to strive to reach to many organizations and individuals whose interest in literacy is great.

Writing for the African Child.