Who we are.

Matelong Writers Prize is an indigenous organization which aims to promote literacy in Uganda. From the time of its inception, Matelong Writers Prize has worked with local schools to help in promoting both the reading and writing skills and subsequently the reading culture. The works of the organization has been founded on the need to help the African child to appreciate the importance of reading as a general good and for the benefit of the community. One of the core tenets of the Matelong Writers Prize has been to evaluate the impact of poor reading in Uganda and beyond and be able to help institutions such as the Ministry of Education to help in creating a favorable environment for reading.

What we do.

It has been evidenced from the year 2010 that poor performance by schools in rural areas of Uganda has been contributed by the poor reading culture demonstrated by both the teachers and the pupils, in equal ratios. This factor remains a serious problem and therefore, the fundamentals of initiating an important platform through the provision of small libraries, whether with hard cover books or electronically is vital. Matelong Writers Prize therefore initiates the following core activities linked to its values and long term goals;
i.) Helping children in schools to access readers which would subsequently help them in improving their capture of the English language, both in short and in long term.

ii.) Creating awareness among both the education stakeholders and leaders about the need to strengthen the aspects of reading and the promotion of reading as a culture that need to be accepted by all.

iii.) Redefining the goals of learning and with a focus on the need to read and interpret information, from the current statistics, in middle to upper primary classes, pupils read and unable to interpret, affecting the general outcome in final examinations.

iv.) Help schools to introduce small libraries meant to empower readers and create a well-founded environment will eventually promote literacy and improve learning outcome in schools.

The Matelong Writers Prize efforts is streamlined and guided by the need to focus on improving access to books. In Africa, and especially in rural areas where poverty is thriving, accessing even the basic learning requirements such as pencils, exercise books and rubbers is a problem. The foundation of knowledge in any community is to ensure that the younger generation is able to access books. The remedial process should be uncalculated by essentially developing a framework within which to enable pupils to be the beneficiaries of books.