Current Activities

The effort aimed at motivating readers is critical to a future generation. Matelong Writers Prize explore relevant events that would help to develop a reading culture and it is evident that this activity takes both time and money and it needs maximum commitment from both the readers and the school.

Over the last 24 months, we have worked in collaboration with schools to champion reading as a culture. However, in the course of time, there has been notable development in Uganda especially in areas where we visited previously;

1. Introducing conditions that will be necessary in creating a reading culture which include;

 Developing a shared vision about the school’s reading culture program.

 Explore factors guiding reading both for leisure for general knowledge.

 To understand the importance of reading as a culture and on student’s achievement.

 To create an environment for discussion and exploring language as a common language of use by the people and in our communities today.

2. Meeting teachers, community leaders and pupils
In the last 24 months, our work with the community has been great. Guided by the basic fundamentals and unique requirements of any given society, we noted in many of our works with schools that the culture of reading is still missed and this has contributed massively to poor performance among pupils in rural schools.

Above: At Railways Children Primary School Secretariats Richard Tibenderana (In White shirt) and Richard Kunihira (Wearing brown shirt) meets the Headteacher of Railways Primary Schoo, during a field visit to the school, October, 2015.

Above: Matelong Writers Prize President John Chebaibai Meeting trainers at Cheminy Christian Academy, Kween District, October 2014. On the left is Pastor Satya, the director of the school

Our activities extended far and wide and the critical part of understanding how literacy is influencing performance in schools brought us to some of the most experienced teachers in the field. Working with teachers of English has been a major breakthrough in our work.

Above: Mrs. Mbabazi, an English teacher at St. Barnabas COU explains to Matelong Writers Prize executives about perennial problems faced by teachers of English in their day to day teaching.

Important dates

The following important dates which connect our organization with schools and stakeholders around the country.

21 March 2018 - Visiting Busoga districts including Namayingo, Butambala and Bulambuli.

30 March 2018 - Launching the Matelong Writers Prize Competition.

16 April 2018 - Visiting Kapchorwa districts including Kween, Kapwchorwa Main and Bukwo : Activities including meeting stakeholders and launching reading classes.